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Top reasons for considering a career as a chef

According to recent studies, demand for chefs has more than doubled over the past few years as more and more restaurants and hotels benefit from the ever growing ‘dining out’ culture which sees diners spend valuable time together over a great meal. Even if the road to becoming a chef requires countless hours of hard…

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The evolution of the butler over the years

A butler is the most senior worker in a private and usually prestigious household. Sometimes the butler can be referred to as house manager, staff manager, chief of staff, majordomo, staff captain or head of household depending on the employer’s needs and on the specific duties performed. The butler: origins The butler, usually identified as…

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Sustainability in the hospitality industry: embracing green initiatives

Historically, the hospitality industry has had a dramatic environmental impact through water and energy consumption, use of goods (both consumable and durable) and waste creation. That’s why an increasing number of hoteliers and hospitality professionals have started turning their focus on the importance of sustainability in the hospitality industry and implemented environmentally friendly initiatives to…

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Factors you should consider when hiring a chauffeur

Have you ever wondered the key difference between a driver and a professional chauffeur? Whist drivers would just take you from point A to point B, professional chauffeurs strive to provide an excellent service from start to end both in terms of exceptional customer service skills and extra amenities provided such as free Wi-Fi in…

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