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Factors you should consider when hiring a chauffeur

Have you ever wondered the key difference between a driver and a professional chauffeur? Whist drivers would just take you from point A to point B, professional chauffeurs strive to provide an excellent service from start to end both in terms of exceptional customer service skills and extra amenities provided such as free Wi-Fi in the vehicle, complimentary daily newspaper, options to choose preferred radio station and phone chargers. Perfection for a professional chauffeur lies in the details and the style of driving must be gentle and smooth to instil confidence in the client, who is the chauffeur’s top priority.

If you would like to find the ideal chauffeur, there are some factors you should definitely consider.

The first element to be evaluated is the chauffeur’s experience level as you should always opt for an expert professional with a proven track record of similar experiences and a solid reputation. Truth be told, hiring inexperienced professionals may result in you wasting a good half of your money and a lot of your time. Instead, your selected chauffeur needs to be certified and have both the practical experience and education to provide you with a really enjoyable, hassle-free and luxurious trip. Furthermore, he should be reliable, trustworthy, well-mannered and tremendously confident with the roadways. Remember that there is no substitute for experience.

It is also of paramount importance that you choose a chauffeur who has the adaptability to perform all your demands and accommodate to all your travelling needs. Professional chauffeurs are required to be flexible and have a willingness to work long hours depending on your requirements. Working flexibly with the employer, chauffeurs ensure the best route is planned and anticipate any needs for pickups, drop offs, airport runs and any other requirements you might have. A full understanding of the chauffeur etiquette is also critical.

Moreover, your ideal chauffeur will be there exactly when you need them and should be able to perform a broad range of duties such as: school runs, general errands and PA duties, home and personal security, or assistance with home and garden maintenance. A professional chauffeur will often become a highly valued employee and companion on your journeys, bringing multiple advantages to the table due to the highly flexible nature of the role.

As you can see, there are some important factors you would need to consider when looking for the best chauffeur for your requirements. From the chauffeur’s level of experience to their flexibility, if you contemplate the key factors discussed in this article, you will have no trouble finding a well-reputed and experienced professional.


Sit Back & Relax

The chauffeurs we source are highly flexible professionals who are able to undertake several duties to meet the personal and professional needs of their employers and make their lives easier.

As with all candidates sourced by us, you can expect complete confidentiality and discretion from your employee. Once you’ve hired a chauffeur you will wonder how you ever got by without one!

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